Student Union Wireless Internet Access Helpful Tips

How do I login?
• You will be provided a user name and password to log in to the network from the Scheduling and Conferences Office. If you have not received a user name and/or password, please contact the Client Services Manager on duty at 702-296-5910.
• To gain access insert your external wireless card or turn on the internal wireless card.
• Open your web browser to
• Log in to the wireless website using the user name and password provided to you.

What does my computer need to use the network?
You will need a computer with an IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN network card and web browser. Many laptops now come with internal wireless cards. If your computer does not have a built-in card, you will need to use an external wireless card or wired access.

Technical Issues
Wireless access is not guaranteed and at this time, wireless support is not available to off-campus guests. However, if you are unable to access wireless internet and wish to obtain access through a hard wired Ethernet connection (additional charge), please contact the Scheduling & Conferences office at 702-895-4449 or your Event Coordinator directly.

Privacy Warning
Unencrypted wireless connections, such as UNLV Wireless without a VPN client, are insecure. By using UNLV Wireless you are accepting that it is possible for others on this network to intercept the information you send and receive through the network. It is very important to make certain your computer always has the latest antivirus software and security patches installed.

Ethical and responsible use is expected at UNLV
UNLV Wireless Network is a part of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, information technology environment. You must be authorized to use this resource. As an authorized user, by your use of this resource, you have implicitly agreed to abide by the highest standards of responsibility to the campus community who also share this environment. You are required to comply with all University policies, state, and federal laws concerning appropriate use of information technology. Non-compliance is considered a serious breach of community standards and may result in disciplinary or legal action.

Wireless Netiquette
The wireless LAN is intended to enable mobility, not as a replacement for hardwired Ethernet connections. Since it is a moderate performance network and a shared resource, some netiquette applies:
• Do not download large files over the wireless network.
• Do not stream video or audio (larger than 50 Kbps) over the wireless network.

UNLV Guest Wireless Tip Sheet