2023-2024 HDRFS Seed Grant Awards

Congratulations to all HDRFS Seed Grant Awardees!

We would like to congratulate the following NSHE faculty, who were selected to receive seed grant funding for their projects. These awards are funded through the NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1: Harnessing the Data Revolution for Fire Science (HDRFS) for one year at $30,000 to provide additional research, education and workforce development (E-WFD), and sustainability in areas relevant to the HDRFS project.

Jun Yong Kang, Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Project Title:
Development of Fire Retardants Harnessing the Synergistic Effects

Jaeyun Moon, Associate Professor

Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Project Title:
Invasive Grasses and Desert Biomass-Derived Biochar Composites for Active Carbon Capture

Emma E. Regentova, Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Project Title:
A Machine Learning Framework for Measuring Water Drop Penetration Time of Fire-Affected Soils

Yeongkwon Son, Associate Research Professor

Environmental Health, Desert Research Institute

Project Title:
Evaluating the Toxicity of Fresh and Aged Laboratory Fire Smoke Emissions Using an Atmospheric Aging Chamber

Robert Washington-Allen, Associate Professor

Agriculture, Veterinary and Rangeland Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno

Project Title:
Remote Sensing of Belowground Biomass in Pre-and Post-Fire Sagebrush Steppe

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