Department Of Defense

Nevada System Sponsored Programs and EPSCoR to promote the opportunities and collaborations within science, research, education, and technology for NSHE institutions in Nevada

Department Of Defense

Nevada is home to many DOD facilities, including Nellis Air Force Base, Fallon Naval Air Station, and the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot. One of the chief long-term benefits of the Nevada DOD EPSCoR program has been the development of capabilities among Nevada faculty for performing research related to these Nevada DOD sites and other DOD issues nationally and globally.

Previously Funded DEPSCoR Projects

Sushil Louis, University of Nevada, Reno – Co-evolving Tactics and Strategies for Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Training and Decision Support (ONR)
The team investigates, prototypes, and evaluates a revolutionary genetic algorithm based artificial intelligence learning system that uses newly developed technology and learns from subject matter experts to generate realistic, adaptive, appropriately competitive opposing forces and control strategy for decision making simulations.

Monica Nicolescu, University of Nevada, Reno – Understanding Intent Using a Novel Hidden Markov Model Representation(ONR)

The team develops methodologies for understanding intent and applies them to tasks relevant to the military. The proposed approach relies on a novel formulation of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), which allows a robot to understand the intent of others by virtually assuming their place and detecting their potential intentions based on the current situation.

Robert Schill, Jr. University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Stimulated Electron Desorption Studies from Microwave Vacuum Electronics/High Power Microwave Materials (AFOSR)
The team proposes the materials and the environment contained in high power microwave devices play an important role in design efficiency and optimization.

There are currently no DEPSCoR solicitations.