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Research Projects - Climate Change (Track 1)

Policy, Decision-Making, and Outreach

Policy, decision-making and outreach involves the systematic translation of climate change science in a form that is more effective for stakeholders, decision-makers and the public to understand. The objective of this project is to develop data collection, modeling, and visualization tools to better understand institutional and societal aspects of climate change and perform outreach to translate and communicate this science. Nevada provides an excellent model for this type of research due to its rapid urban growth and the significant impact from climate change. Accelerated changes in climate are occurring now in Nevada and will continue into the future, leading to complex changes and feedbacks among climate, biophysical, and human systems (systems that evolve based on perceptions). A Social Science Climate Change Network will be created to focus on outreach, data collection, and provide meaningful two-way flow of information between scientist and stakeholders to ensure more collaboration.

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Native American Tribes Address Climate Change


“Without a deep mutual understanding among stakeholders, Nevada will never come to grips with climate change mitigation and adaptation.”
- Dr. Bill Smith (UNLV)

Outcome: Nevada’s Policy team built relationships with researchers and Native American tribes in rural Nevada who are vulnerable to climate change impacts.  These Native American tribes have witnessed climate change impact the natural resources they depend on. Therefore, the Policy team worked to create collaborations between Native American tribes and stakeholders to develop future mitigation and policy strategies. 

Impact:  Efforts were documented in the video, “Nevada’s Native American Tribes and Climate Change,” to educate the general public, educators, and policymakers. Visit http://epscorspo.nevada.edu/native-american-indian-video/ to find the link to this documentary film.   A Spanish version of this video was broadcast over TV and Internet to further outreach and educate the public.  Since its debut on YouTube earlier this year, the video has been viewed over 1,000 times in more than 30 countries.

Explanation: Misconceptions about tribal life makes it difficult to collaborate and maintain resource management. The efforts by the Policy team provided a planning process to assess and monitor the impact of climate change to the Native Tribes. The creation of a video to document this historical collaboration will be used for educational purposes at local, national and international conferences on climate change.




PhD candidate Ahmad Safi (UNLV), presenting to  Tribal Council of the Summit Lake Piute Tribe in Nevada.



Authors: W.J. Smith, Jr.¹, Karletta Chief², Ahmad Safi¹, Zhongwei Liu¹, Mahesh Gautam² (University of Nevada, Las Vegas¹, Desert Research Institute²)

This work was supported by NSF Cooperative Agreement EPS-­‐0814372 to the Nevada System of Higher Education.

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