Climate Change Learning Portal


Postsecondary Climate Change Science Activities has open-source materials and syllabi for college courses in a variety of disciplines (sociology, political science, English composition, geography, policy, communications, and mathematics). All professors are free to use these materials in their courses.

learning portal

The Learning Lab located at Green Valley High School (GVHS) transforms science classrooms by providing full, wireless access to cyberlearning materials that have been developed under the Nevada EPSCoR project, Climate Change Cyberlearning Curriculum Development (C4D). The wireless affordance of the learning lab allows the project staff to test the full potential of the cyberlearning materials at scale, in a blended instructional model. Access to the C4D materials provided by the Learning Lab has improved collaboration and education by providing climate change education through cyberlearning for many different populations of students, including underrepresented minority groups.

Students use the computer models to predict the impact of climate change on food webs, to research and analyze metadata associated with alternative fuel sources and carbon emissions, and to consider the impact of policy decisions in Nevada. Creating a blended learning environment with the cyberlearning tools provides a strong motivator for students on task implementation and achievement. The C4D material with the learning lab is a model program that can be adapted and replicated in order to enact cyberlearning to educate diverse populations (within CCSD or otherwise) about the impacts of climate change.

This work was supported by NSF Cooperative Agreement EPS-0919123 to the Nevada System of Higher Education