Education Outreach and Diversity


Never Too Busy

Too often mentoring is thought about as one more thing to do. With schedules already under siege, how can a busy faculty member find the time to mentor another student? Think about the small ways that you can help engage your EPSCoR student. Keep in mind that your primary goal is to get them to identify with the discipline. Mentoring can be accomplished through short, productive meetings or even what Nakagawa called “mentoring on the run” — spending 10 minutes telling them about an interesting talk they should attend or a newsworthy breakthrough in your field. If it is a particularly busy time for both you and the student, think about smaller hurdles that can realistically be achieved. During busy weeks, you can clear the small hurdles while on other weeks you will want to clear those moderate-to-large hurdles. Be inventive in finding new ways and means to mentor a student who is still very young in the field!

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