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Research Projects - Climate Change (Track 1)


A priority of climate change is bridging the information gap between scientist and decision-makers to understand and assimilate complex data to evaluate strategies. Facilitating development and exchange of data among scientists from different disciplines and among various environments is a challenge and often detracts from the interpretation of data. The objective of this component is to develop a data portal and software frameworks that will support interdisciplinary climate change research via integration of data from observational networks and modeling, linking together all project groups through a user-friendly, interactive, intelligent and flexible cyberinfrastructure. This portal will sustain research, applications, and education in climate change.

The centerpiece of this project is the Nevada Climate Change portal that will provide access to all project-related data, emphasize spatial databases, facilitate data-model comparison, and serve as the main gateway to climate change information.

The database portal’s architecture will consist of:

   1) A powerful web server that will provide online interface to users for
      storing and retrieving data from high capacity storage units

   2) A high performance database engine which will optimize access to
      storage units, interface with the web server, and connect for
      advanced data processing with the project’s modeling cluster of

   3) High capacity data storage units working in pairs for backup

Annual Report Highlights

Graduate Assistant’s Research Leads to New Visualization Capabilities for 3D Environment – Sohei Okamoto


Cyber Learning

Sohei Okamoto in academic attire
(photo by S. Dascalu)

Outcome:  In December 2012, the first graduate research assistant hired in the Cyberinfrastructure group, Sohei Okamoto, received a PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. His dissertation, entitled “SUNPRISM: A Software Framework for Climate Change Research,” was based on work done as Research Assistant for the project.

Impact:  Sohei’s research has led to a new software framework that provides a visual, user-friendly object-based interface for scenario configuration; a software engineering solution that allows code generation and dataflow scenario execution; and data visualization capabilities for 3D environments. These capabilities include immersive virtual environments such as CAVE (CAVE automatic virtual environment). For more information about the Desert Research Institute’s CAVE project, visit: http://www.dri.edu/cavcam-facilities

Explanation:  Currently, Sohei works as a postdoctoral scholar in the Computer Science and Engineering Department, contributing to the research and development of the Cyberinfrastructure group’s advancements. Based on Sohei’s work, two new conference papers have been accepted for publication and two journal articles are under preparation.

This work was supported by NSF Cooperative Agreement EPS-­‐0814372 to the Nevada System of Higher Education.

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