Climate Change External Research and Technical Advisory Board (ERTAB)

ERTAB Committee Member Roster

  • Dr. James Coleman (ERTAB Chair)
    Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences
    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Dr. Fred Choobineh
    Director, Nebraska EPSCoR
    University of Nebraska

  • Dr. Michael Campana
    Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources
    Oregon State University

  • Dr. Jim Gosz
    Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Education
    College of Natural Resources

  • Dr. Jeffrey Gray
    Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
    University of Alabama

  • Dr. Lai-Yung (Ruby) Leung
    Climate Physics Laboratory Fellow
    Pacific Northwest Laboratory

  • Mr. Mark McCaffrey
    Associate Scientist III, Programs & Policies
    National Center for Science Education

  • Dr. Young-Doo Wang
    Director and Professor, Environmental and Energy Policy Program
    University of Delaware


Committee Member Charge

ERTAB is made up of six national experts in the project’s component areas (climate modeling, ecological change, water resources, policy and outreach, cyberinfrastructure, and education), a former Nevada NSF EPSCoR Project Director, and an NSF EPSCoR State Director from Nebraska. ERTAB  will (1) make five on-campus external site visits (one for each year of the grant) to advise the Management Team; (2) evaluate program progress and suggest corrective actions; and (3) review progress toward achieving outcomes of the Strategic Plan.

Committee Meetings