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On September 1, 2008, NSHE received an award of $15 million from NSF EPSCoR. The five-year award will fund science, education, and outreach infrastructure at UNR, UNLV, DRI, NSC, and NSHE's community colleges for the study of climate change and its effects on Nevada.

This project is creating a statewide interdisciplinary program that stimulates transformative research, education, and outreach on the effects of regional climate change on ecosystem services (especially water resources) and support use of this knowledge by policy makers and stakeholders.

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:: Postsecondary Climate Change Science Activities has open-source materials and syllabi for college courses in a variety of disciplines (sociology, political science, English composition, geography, policy, communications, and mathematics). All professors are free to use these materials in their courses. http://sensor.nevada.edu/NCCP/Education/Post%20Secondary/Default.aspx

:: Smith Jr., W., Z. Liu, A. Safi, K. Chief.2014.Climate Change Perception and Policy Support in Rural Nevada: A Comparative Analysis of Native Americans, Ranchers, Farmers and Mainstream America. Environmental Science and Policy. ISI 5-year Impact Factor 3.461. http://authors.elsevier.com/sd/article/S1462901114000641.

:: Congratulations to Abby Beck, Dr. Gale Sinatra, and Dr. Doug Lombardi for receiving theInternational Award for Excellence for their publication, “Leveraging Higher-Education Instructors in the Climate Literacy Effort: Factors Related to University Faculty’s Propensity to Teach Climate Change. The award was given by the Climate Change Knowledge Community and published in The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses. Click here to learn more.

KSNV MyNews3 - http://www.mynews3.com/content/news/story/climate-change-unlv-unr-dri-las-vegas/u9-zbfx0C02bx1kJfeNfzw.cspx

:: Nevadans can study mountain climate via webcams
Researchers are giving free and universal access to all the information they are collecting from a network of scientific monitoring stations in a pair of Nevada mountain ranges. The data stream includes everything from current weather conditions to plant and soil moisture readings. But the live video feed is the feature most likely to appeal to the general public. Click here to learn more.

::Nevada’s Native American Tribes and Climate Change
Nevada's NSF EPSCoR Climate Change Policy team has built relationships with researchers and Native American tribes in rural Nevada who are vulnerable to climate change impacts. These Native American tribes have witnessed climate change impact the natural resources they depend on...MORE


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