Grant Management And Sponsored Programs

Nevada System Sponsored Programs and EPSCoR to promote the opportunities and collaborations within science, research, education, and technology for NSHE institutions in Nevada

Grant Management

In organization and function, the System Sponsored Programs (SPO) & EPSCoR office resembles the typical university sponsored programs office that provides pre-award and post-award services for grants and contracts.

The role of the SPO is to provide facilitation of externally funded research and other scholarly activities and the maintenance of fiscal accountability and regulatory compliance. The SPO is responsible for all financial actions and required reporting. Specific activities include:

Allocations and reporting of federal, state, and private funds; draw-downs, invoicing, and payments; maintenance of time and effort reporting records; and the preparation and monitoring of sub-awards/sub-grantees.

Due to its organizational role and the types of grant programs it administers, the SPO goes beyond the traditional functional model and provides the services and direct program assistance normally attributed to project and departmental administrators in large research universities. The SPO’s mission is to provide cradle-to-grave support for EPSCoR and other major programs that involve NSHE-wide coordination and distribution of funds. This support includes:

  • Proposal development and submission
  • Grant and contract negotiation
  • Grant and research administration-related trainings
  • Account set-up for awards to include sub-awards to NSHE institutions and to universities in other states
  • Account management
  • Preparation, receipt, review, and allocation of intra-system solicitations
  • Planning and coordination of outreach activities
  • Coordination and submission of technical reports
  • Financial reporting
  • Resolution of ad hoc issues and/or requests

Sponsored Programs

NSHE Sponsored Programs and EPSCoR

The System Sponsored Programs and EPSCoR Office (SPO) is a unit within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), Finance Department. The SPO provides pre-award and post-award services for grants and contracts. SPO pre- and post-award administrators assist institutions, faculty and staff members to develop and submit proposals and provide financial and administrative support. SPO is accountable for pre- and post-award responsibilities that include identifying funding sources; reviewing solicitations; proposal preparation, review and submission; contract negotiations; financial administration; producing financial reports and invoices; effort reporting; cost sharing documentation; audit coordination; System- and State wide programming to include proposal development, drafting solicitations, coordinating reviews, program administration, outreach, education and reporting; and award closeout.

The SPO is charged with administrative and financial regulations and compliance requirements that govern grants and contracts.