Nevada System Sponsored Programs and EPSCoR to promote the opportunities and collaborations within science, research, education, and technology for NSHE institutions in Nevada


Current EPSCoR Awards

NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 Award
Project Director:  Frederick C Harris, Jr. (UNR)

Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Nevada, Award #IIA-1301726, $20M federal + $4M state match, 5 years (2013-2018)
Bob Boehm (UNLV),  Jaci Batista (UNLV), Markus Berli (DRI), and Sergiu Dascalu (UNR)

Research on solar energy generation technology, its environmental impacts and associated water issues, accelerated by cyberinfrastructure

Project Director: Lynn Fenstermaker (DRI)

Current Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) Awards
$750K federal + $375K state match
Topic specific addressing high-priority NASA research and technology needs

Life in Salts: a Multidisciplinary Investigation of Microorganisms and Biosignatures in the Death Valley Salt Pan (2018-2021)
Henry Sun (DRI) Science PI, Brian Hedlund (UNLV) Co-PI, and Simon Poulson (UNR) Co-PI

Advanced Transport Technologies for NASA Thermal Management/Control Systems (2015-2018)
Miles Greiner (UNR) Science PI, Kwang Kim (UNLV) Co-PI, Ted Plaggemeyer (TMCC) Co-PI, Jackson Crews (DRI) Co-PI, and Eric Sunada (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) NASA Technical Monitor

Building Capacity in Interdisciplinary Snow Sciences for a Changing World (2014-2017)
Alison Murray (DRI) Science PI, Scott Tyler (UNR) Co-PI, Gail Ferrell (TMCC) Co-PI, Elisabeth Hausrath (UNLV) Co-PI, Hans Moosmüller (DRI) Co-PI, Rina Schumer (DRI) Co-PI, and Ian McCubbin (DRI) Co-PI

Advanced Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Sensors for Aerospace Robotic Applications (2013-2018)
Kwang Kim (UNLV) Science PI, Kam Leang (UNR) Co-PI, Dong-Chan Lee (UNLV) Co-PI, Ann-Marie Vollstedt (UNR) Co-PI, and Woosoon Yim (UNLV) Co-PI

Current Research Infrastructure Development (RID) Awards
$375K federal + $375K state match
Enables states to build and strengthen relationships with NASA researchers

Elisabeth Hausrath (UNLV)

Duane Moser (DRI)

Xiaoliang Wang (DRI)

David Feil-Seifer (UNR)