Nevada System Sponsored Programs and EPSCoR to promote the opportunities and collaborations within science, research, education, and technology for NSHE institutions in Nevada


Current EPSCoR Awards

NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 Award
Project Director:  Frederick C Harris, Jr. (UNR)

$20M federal + $4M state match, 5 years (2022-2027)

  • Harnessing the Data Revolution for Fire Science (HDRFS), Grant No. OIA- 2148788, Co-PIs: Hans Moosmüller (DRI),  Haroon Stephen (UNLV), Scotty Strachan (NSHE), and Alireza Tavakkoli (UNR)

Increasing the capacity of Nevada for wildland fire research, education and workforce development

Current NASA EPSCoR Research CAN Projects

$750K federal + $375K state match over a 3-year project period

Topic specific addressing high-priority NASA research and technology needs

  • Self-Adaptive Lubricants for Extreme Space Mechanism Applications (2020-2023) Pradeep Menezes (UNR) Science PI, Mano Misra (UNR) Co-PI, Pankaj Kumar (UNR) Co-PI, Jaeyun Moon (UNLV) Co-PI, Eunja Kim (UNLV) Co-PI, Alexandra Lutz (DRI) Co-PI and Meghan Collins (DRI) Co-PI.
  • High Energy Density Battery Materials at Low Temperatures for Future NASA Missions (2019-2022) Feifei Fan (UNR) Science PI, Dev Chidambaram (UNR) Co-PI, Qiang Zhu (UNLV) Co-PI, and Xiaoliang Wang (DRI) Co-PI
  • Life in Salts: a Multidisciplinary Investigation of Microorganisms and Biosignatures in the Death Valley Salt Pan (2018-2022) Henry Sun (DRI) Science PI, Brian Hedlund (UNLV) Co-PI, and Simon Poulson (UNR) Co-PI

    Current NASA EPSCoR Rapid Research Response Projects

    $100K federal over a 1-year project period

    Limited specific topics provided by NASA Mission Directorates and Centers

    • Renewal: Rock, H2O, And H2: Energy From Water-Rock Interactions On Mars (2021-22) Elisabeth Hausrath (UNLV)
    • Renewal: Life on Mars: Algae Cultivation For Long-Term Food and Oxygen Production (2021-2022) Elisabeth Hausrath (UNLV)
    • Appendix E: Thermophilic Biomass Recycling by Novel Chloroflexi to Support NASA Spaceflights (2021-2022) Brian Hedlund (UNLV)
    • Appendix D: Biomimicry of the Growth of a Desert Plant as an Approach for Extractions of Phosphorus and Minerals from Martian Regolith (2021-2022) Eakalak Kahn (UNLV)
    • Metagenome Data Mining to Elucidate Prevalence and Virulence Potentials of Biosafety-level-2 Microorganisms from ISS Environments (2019-2022) Duane Moser (DRI)
    • A Novel Electrochemical Method to Reduce the Surface Roughness of Internal Features in Additive Manufactured Components (2019-2021) Pradeep Menezes (UNR)

      Current NV NASA EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development Seed Grants

      Approximately $25K federal and $20K state match over a 1-year project period

      Related to NASA Mission Directorate research priorities

      • Living Snow in the Sierra Nevada (2021-2022) Meghan Collins (DRI)
      • Examining the Impact of Light Intensities and Wavelengths on Algae Growth with Space Biology Implications (2021-2022) Leena Cycil (UNLV)
      • Demonstrating the Value of Hyperspectral Imagery for a Tree Mortality Early Warning System (2021-2022) Adrian Harpold (UNR)
      • Origins of Superblooms: Characterizing Mass Flowering Events in Pacific Southwest Deserts and the Atmospheric and Land Surface Conditions Favoring Them (2021-2022) Benjamin Hatchett (DRI)
      • Identification and Development of Task Specific Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Dissolution Silica from the Lunar Regolith (2021-2022) Eakalak Kahn (UNLV)
      • Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors for Characterizing and Quantifying Particulate Matter in the Martian Atmosphere (2021-2022) Jeongwong Park (UNR)